Saturday, July 08, 2006
Cape Tribulation
During our travels we found out about a town called "Cape Tribulation" that boasts a population of around 500 and has no power. If you want to go any further north in Queensland, you have to have 4WD because there are no more proper roads. The appeal of being able to say we had "been to the end of the road" was enough appeal for this tiny rainforest town, but so was the opportunity to go "surfing" in the rainforest.

This sport is also known as zip-lining, where you get strapped into an harness and fly across a series of ropes so that you can swing from the trees and see the beauty of this untouched wonder.
People that know me would be amazed to hear that I went 22 meters in the air and went for a ride (upside down on one them)!
The only thing we were worried about was the road to Cape Trib as driving it vaguely reminded me of the PCH in California, very slow and windy and with assholes on your back the whole time trying to do 80 in a 40. The whole ride there I was concerned for our little car and TFG reassured me that the car would be fine.

He lied.
As we got on the ferry to get back to Cairns (pronounced Cains which I forgot the r in the last post, sorry Nick) the brakes stopped working.

Being the good little planners that we are had gotten an RACQ membership before we left (like AAA) with "ultra care" so when our car couldn't get us home we were able to get a tow to the town of Mossman and a hotel room for the night for free.
When the tow truck came he said we probably had water in out brake lines and got us to his shop.

After helping us find possibly the most delicious Chinese food ever, the mechanic left us at our hotel.
The proprietor could not have been sweeter, and told us that she new was it was like to breakdown and upgraded us to a deluxe.
My brother and I noticed a peculiar symbol on her neck, but being tired we decided to go to our room and thought nothing of it.

As we were getting settled I started reading the "welcome folder" that told us all about the town and the resort.

When I started reading the letter from the owners, the pendant made a bit more sense.
"At the White Cockatoo, no feathers required October 1st to May 1st"

We were staying at a nudist resort.

Although we were there for the "feathered" season, we were more then welcome to join them for nude cocktail hour, should we be so inclined.

The four of us had a great laugh making double entendre about the chalet being made of hard wood, the seats were rather cheeky, you can imagine.

All in all it was a great end to our day and the car breaking down wasn't so much of a worry (especially when the repairs cost a whopping $88) the owner brought us extra towels, tea, and cream for the morning and we got to not camp and sleep in proper beds.

The next morning we were on our way with a comment card filled in by my brother that said "Nudists, that's cute"

So thanks White Cockatoo, for making our trip memorable!

Today in the mail I received "nude on moon" from sysm... how fitting.


Blogger msmachine said...

I love how your lemons turn into lemonade! Naked lemons!

Blogger Nick said...


Blogger Bros-Prose said...

I can't wait to take this same trip! Very cool. :-)

Blogger Ćœbermilf said...

I feel like blogging nude right now.

Blogger ginonymous said...

i'm thinking about getting nude, does that count?

Blogger Tits McGee said...

Zip-lining through rainforest = cool. Unintentionally staying at nudist resort called the White Cockatoo = genius.

I gotta go get me one of them pendants.

Blogger Brookelina said...

I blog nude all the time.

No power is why I fell in the ditch there. I also had the best veggie burger of my life in Cape Trib. We so need to chat!

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