Saturday, August 27, 2005
3 Years Ago Today UPDATED
The other half to this story commented....

3 years ago today,
at 2:30 am
He showed up at my door,
After a flight in from Rome
With a bracelet
That I had mentioned liking
In a store in Malta

We kissed
In the doorway
On the couch
On the floor
On the bed.

And then he left.
Knew he couldn't sleep over
Wanted to do it right.

The most unconventional of beginnings.

The year before
Around christmas time,
We flirted in the university convenience store.
He said "I'm moving to Rome, we should hang out"
And gave me his number
We hung out,
I was ackward
Still hurting from a bad break up

We talked all night
I slept through an exam
He missed my birthday celebration to go watch LOTR
He flew away to Rome
And I wrote him off.

He came back in Feb....
Just for two weeks.
Showed up on my doorstep
On the 15th
With Valentines Day ice cream cake

We ate it and watched the olympics
And cuddled.
Then he left again.

Months later I get a call
From Malta, from him
"Come visit, you will love it here"
Had spent only 24 hours total
With the man
Contemplating flying 3000 miles
By May
I was there
Most romantic and emotionaly wrenching
2 weeks of my life.

And then he arrived in the middle of the night
At my door
with a bracelet
and a kiss.

Happy Anniversary.
As I am killing HaloScan
(expect you to pay to archive for more than 4 months, and I miss my old blogger comments)
And these comments have been especially important to me, I have copied them here off of haloscan you must marry him and make many babies who will have luscious dual citizenship.excellent.
diadima Homepage 08.27.05 - 8:44 pm #

I agree. This made my eyes well up. But just a little. *sniff*I am SUCH a sucker for a good romance. don't tell anybody.Nick Homepage 08.28.05 - 1:07 am #

Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful story!!Are you really only 22? Because that is so not fair, dammit! lolJaded Homepage 08.28.05 - 7:33 am #

Yea I'm really only 22... but people rarely believe it.. I won't tell anyone nick, no worries..Yea Dia... considering how quirky we are it will probably be babies, then marriage...littlemissknit Homepage 08.28.05 - 8:40 am #

Nick is crying because you have a boyfriend.All of the women who make his heart go pitter patter are taken.I'll find you a good one, Nick. You just wait and see. Then I'll teach her to make pie.ubermilf Homepage 08.28.05 - 2:19 pm #

doe sthis kinda of thing really happen in real life or is this your flash fiction friday too?lilreddramaqueen Homepage 08.28.05 - 2:34 pm #

lil'red. It actually happened, and we are still together..I'm thinking I wanna get in on this whole FFF thing though!littlemissknit Homepage 08.28.05 - 6:17 pm #

Hey Lil'Red, not only did it happen, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.I guess I'm outing my identity here, but since it IS our three year anniversary, I think it's ok! And since I’m here, I want to say a few things!
Laura, thank you for three amazing years. Sometimes I can't believe it's been that long, other times I can't believe it's been so short. I can't really remember not being with you, and I don't want to. I love every minute we're together, and I'm hoping that we'll have some more of those minutes soon!
I love your mind - your sense of equality and justice; the way you never submit or let other people submit to any kind of oppression. The world needs passionate fighters like you!I love the fact that you blog - even if I don't do it myself!I love that you're able to understand and help me - giving me a hug when I need one, and a kick in the ass when I need that! I love that you are always willing to try something new. That you're open-minded and kind. That you never pre-judge anyone or anything.
I love that you support my decisions. That you allow and help me to pursue the things I want, instead of pressuring me into a safe, normal path. (I have enough people doing that, and you believe in my dreams!)
I love that you love to travel. You know I can't stay still for too long, and I can't wait to embark on a ton of adventures with you! (Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, Antarctica and anywhere else you want to go!)
I love your feminism! And that you’re able to make it real and tangible who don’t believe in it. (Remember the whole: “and you wrote that essay in UNIVERSITY…” thing? )I love your sense of humour! More importantly, I love that it meshes with mine! I love when we laugh at a joke that no one else gets, which only makes us laugh harder!
I love that you challenge me. To be better, smarter, happier and nicer than I ever thought I could be. I love that you can yell at me in Vietnamese while you’re still asleep! I love that you still wear the bracelet. Most of all, I love that you had me over to watch the Olympics. I know we had an unconventional beginning, but we both saw that there was something worth fighting for. Every day we're together proves we were right. I can't wait to watch the 2006 Olympics with you and reminisce. Maybe for 2010 we'll head to Vancouver.....I love you. Happy - Thank you to everyone who posts here. I know that this community means a lot to Laura, and that you all brighten her day! So a big thank you from me!
torontofilmgrad 08.28.05 - 7:05 pm #

whoo-hoo!! how sweet!! and who knew your man was moonlighting on your blog? I didn't!petunia mcgillicuddy 08.28.05 - 8:17 pm #


Blogger im here somewhere said...

oh my god! i love when the person you write about actually comments on the blog. (does he have a twin that maybe lives in the midwest region?)

Blogger Nick said...

I was going to write a quote from When Harry Met Sally (something about a sandwich) but I thought that might cheapen what is otherwise a very lovely moment.

Ubermilf, quit picking on me.

Blogger Knitty Kitty said...

J (my bf) and I would have laughed, since that is another scrubs moment from last year.

but it might have cheapened it a little.

you know the ubermilf picks on you because she loves. heck, she offered to send a sweet young thing over to your house to entice you to post!

Blogger Kim said...

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