Saturday, July 23, 2005
Feminists for Life are Trying to Kill Me!!! (Updated)
First of all let me credit the inspiration of this post to Miss Petunia and her fabulous post concerning Feminists for Life and Judge Robert's Wife ...

I've found my feminist ways under attack lately. Mainly by people who are completely ignorant, but I digress..

Feminists For Life at first seems rather innocent, except for the quote and award they gave to Patricia Heaton, that should be your first sign these people are evil.

These so-called feminists are trying to end "the necessity for abortion" by better supporting motherhood. How would one best support "motherhood"? They aren't exactly saying.
They are willing to tell you how abortion is linked to breast cancer, how women get depressed and kill themselves after an abortion and how other things like assisted suicide and and other "silent epidemics, like murder-suicides among the elderly, or how a living will can be used against you" are runing womens lives.

As I read through their propaganda, I find one thing interesting, THEY AREN'T GIVING ANY ANSWERS!!

They have created posters with messages such as:

"Refuse to Choose"
"Feminists for Life believes that we should not feel forced to sacrifice our children for an education or a career, If you would like to work on securing non-violent choices for women or need information on pregnancy resources..."

"No one wants to have an abortion, much less a second one. But if you have had an abortion, you are at an even higher risk of experienceing the tragedy of abortion again."

"Abortion Advocates pit women against our children. But lack of emotional or financial support is the real enemy"

Not once do they mention that gee, I don't know maybe better access to free/cheap birth control might provide women with an abortion free choice?

Maybe a better look at sexual violence in the nation?

While I am willing to agree that the lack of support for single mothers has created a society that forces some women to choose between career advancement and having children, taking away our right to safe and legal abortion is not the answer.

How any organization could call themselves "Feminists" and be so blatantly anti-woman is beyond me.

Judge Robert's wife's very close ties to this organization are not necessarily a direct reflection of his (I make this argument simply because if this was a woman it was a man's political connections we would be saying the same thing), but what I want to know is how he feels about this organization?
Has he ever helped them financially or legally?
Does he denounce his wife's association (or earlier association with) this organization?

The country needs answers. Fast.

If you are curious about a couple other incredibly frightening and misleading organizations, have you heard of Concerned Women for America ? if you don't agree with them, then you must hate America!

How about the Family Research Council ? If you don't like them then you are anti-family. They are against gay marriage, birth control and abortion, but they love Judge Roberts..

Anyone heard of Focus on the Family? They are anti-abortion, stem cell research, homosexuality, divorce, and pretty much everything else possible.

How about the Moral Majority?

These names are just the first way in which they force liberal humanists to take sides, if you don't believe in what they say, you are the other, the lack. Dont agree with the moral majority or its partners? Then you are immoral, anti-American, Anti-woman, anti-feminist, and apparently, anti-family.
Think about the term "Pro-Life" because people that believe women deserve the right to choose what happens to their own body are what? Pro-Death?

It's a scary scary world.


P.S, on a completely different topic, if your significant other makes you a huge omelette and then tells you that the eggs and meat he put in it might have gone bad, don't eat it to show how much you love them. The food poisoning isn't worth it.


ohhhh no, I'm sorry to hear about the omelette!!

Thank you for posting these arguments.

About ten years ago, I read something by Catholic nuns who determined that they are pro-choice. It was a very powerful piece. Can't find it now. Have you heard of something like this? Sorry I don't remember any more details about it.

I think I might have found it.. this might be it

Barbara Ferraro, No Turning Back, Two Nuns’ Battle with the Vatican over Women’s Right to Choose, 1990.

Yep, this is how I spend my Saturday night! who-hooo!

Blogger Knitty Kitty said...

Teehee, I spend my saturday night watching "Dead Like Me" on DVD and drinking wine.
I will have to find that. I just bought the book that inspired my logo "Cunt", can't wait to read it!


Blogger Jaded&Opinionated said... does trying to eliminated a woman's right to choose make them a feminist?

They can call it whatever they want to call it, but giving women no other option than giving birth is the same oppression that was shoved down our throats for so many years. I personally believe that abortion is wrong...that it is murder, plain and simple. So, I won't have one. BUT, it's not up to me to make decisions for anyone else. If I can choose not to have an abortion, other women should be able to choose to have one, without being persecuted.

Concerned Women has Stephen Bennett as their spokesman. He's also very involved in the Family Reseach group. He's the ex-gay conservative evangelical Christian who says I am damned to hell because I don't agree with him. It's his followers who stalk me and send me hate mail because I dare to say the Christianity is not what they say it is. I'm not the right KIND of Christian...I'm a heretic, and only THEY have the right answers, only THEY are "true" Christians. I'm a Methodist, and they say that the Methodist church has been infiltrated by satan so we're all going to hell. These groups are dangerous...very, very dangerous.

Blogger Knitty Kitty said...

amen Jaded... Amen..

For those of you not familiar with the Stephen Bennett Ministries, he is "ex-gay" and runs a national "born-again" ministry dedicated to helping gay people "find the light" if you don't agree with him, he calls you gay (I had one such run in).
He scares me. They all scare me.

Blogger Übermilf said...

I am not a Methodist, but their ladies club makes really good treats at my county fair.

This is more "let's pretend we're nice" bullshit from the right wing. I have more respect for people who are jerks but willing to take the heat for it.

Miss Knit, were you inspired to get that book because of my book club read? I'm touched. If not, don't tell me. I'd rather be touched and flattered.

Blogger Knitty Kitty said...

ubermilf, buying "cunt" was completly inspired by you! That and the mention of Patricia Heaton!

That woman and her Albertson's ads scare me!

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