Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Dove, the campaign for real money...
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I was walking through the mall last night and I saw an ad for the "Campaign for real beauty". I'd seen ads for this campaign a few times and always found them intriguing. The idea that a woman can be beautiful without falling in the conventional size 2 frame. fantastic I though.

Their website shows you about all these things they are doing, trying to raise money for campaigns to help boost self esteem in teen girls. All great things, and no product advertisements.

Until you see the billboard at the mall. A beautiful woman, who is tall and probably a size 14. All the signs are appropriate, talking about how beautiful she is even though she doesn't fit in the traditional mold. Then do you know what was in the bottom right corner?

That's right, a product. It wasn't enough that women were associating their happy healthy bodies with dove. Now they have you where they want you and they want to OVERTLY sell you something.

Even that I was okay with. It was the actual product that they were selling they ticked me off.


Because it was a firming cream. Beautiful, secure size 14 woman. My hero. But she still needs a frickin firming cream?

Fuck you Dove.
And the feel good bullshit campaign you rode in on.

-Little Miss Pissed Off

PS. The art was created by yours truly. Feel free to laugh at its lack of style and professionalism, but my laptop is too sad to run anything fancy like photo-shop.


Blogger Jaded&Opinionated said...

My worth as a human being is in no way proportional to what size I wear, nor how much I weigh. Advertising would have me believe otherwise. Fuck that.

one of these days, companies will start to try to sell "jaded" back to us; they'll use ads like the one you just created.

Blogger still_figuring_out said...

i don`t like dove.
their hair care products don`t suit me. at all. after all their advertising about is "made for all types", it was a big disappointment.

Blogger Toronto Film Grad said...

that faux ad you made is frigging HILARIOUS! I would never laugh at the style when the content is so ass-kicking! Well done!

Screw Dove, they insist on a binary (fat? fab?) when the answer should clearly be: both!

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