Sunday, August 12, 2007
Fuck You Vibrel

As some of you may know, I went through a two year period in my life where sex was impossible due to a sexual dysfunction. While I was able to get the help I needed and get everything back in working order, not all women are that lucky. For those women there is not much being done to help them and that is why I got excited when I saw a billboard for a product called "Vibrel". The ad shows a very large tube of lubricant with the FSAD (Female Sexual Arousal Disorder) next to a little blue pill that says "ED" above it. The words "now there is help for women, available at your pharmacy!" are plastered across the bottom.

Now what does this ad say to you? Does it indicate that medical research has been performed? That pharmaceutical companies are taking women's sexual health as seriously as they do men's?
Does the fact that you have to go to the pharmacy to buy it make you feel like it is a drug?
Unfortunately it is a load of bullshit. The product is available at a pharmacy but you don't have to go to the pharmacist to get it, and at $30 for 3ml the product isn't even approved by the FDA.
The vibrel website claims the "prescription version" is currently under review by the FDA, they are more then happy to sell it to you before approval.

So why does this whole thing piss me off? Because so much effort and money keeps being poured into developing pills like Viagra and Cialis so that men in the 80's can keep getting erections and yet there is no serious R&D trying to help women in their 20's who cannot physically maintain a normal sexual relationship due to serious medical problems.



Blogger Nick said...

I didn't know there were other women out there that can't get aroused. I thought it was just the ones that know me.

Blogger Übermilf said...

Watch, when it does get approved -- insurance won't cover it.

Blogger Sysm said...

Honey, shitty things to improve male endowment were around before x-ray glasses. The only difference is they've now put millions of dollars into making the things actually work.

And, sorry to say, but there are a lot more loaded (rimshot) men in their fifties complaining about not being able to get it up than there are young women complaining of sexual dysfunction.

And drug development follows the market. Sadly.

Blogger Tits McGee said...

I love you for posting this, baby.

Hell, forget help for female sexual dysfunction, we can't even get our fucking birth control pill prescriptions filled in some pharmacies because a handful of backward, christ-humping pharmacists think that preventing implantation of a potentially fertilized egg is tantamount to infanticide.

And even if they do come up with anything, I guarantee you that Übie's 100% correct about insurance coverage.

Also, this is mostly unrelated, but it secretely delights me every time they mention priapism in the Cialis ads.

Now I'm all worked up and need a drink and a foot massage.

Blogger FRITZ said...

Well, I don't know, Knitty Kitty. The other day I went to the pharmacy to pick up my birth control, and my insurance has decided to stop covering that.

The problem is:men. Plain and simple. I'm sorry you've had to go through such a rough time, but the good news is: no one gave this problem the title of "Female Frigidity" or something even more stigmatizing.


Blogger pwave said...

Sorry...but I felt I had to jump in with my .02 cents.

Vibrel was released as an over the counter product because it was allowed to be released that way. The prescription grade that you are referring to contains a different active ingredient that requires FDA approval.

There are an estimated 47 million American women who suffer from FSAD. While I cannot tell you that Vibrel will work for 100% of them....I can tell you that is has worked for many and that many women are very happy with it. Would you have preferred if the company waited (for what could be years) before putting out a prescription grade product?

Also...Vibrel was developed by a very noted scientist from the pharmaceutical industry. He has over 20 patents to his name and several FDA drugs approval to his credit. He and his team set out specifically to create a product for FSAD.

Your anger should be directed to the women in the news, media, etc who still talk about male sexual health issues and dont give the same time to the womens side of the aisle. Your anger shouldnt be at a comapny/product that is actually trying to do something about the problem.

How come we dont see shows by Oprah, The View, Ellen, the mainstream news etc. on this subject.

I wish you all the best and only hope you can see that Vibrel is a serius product developed by a very well qualified team of experts...and is actually helping women all over.

Blogger Fumbling said...

I actually went to a panel at last years Midwest Popular Culture Conference on this very topic. They talked about the male-focused sexual dysfunction research and said that an FDA approved drug is coming (more than a decade after Viagra was introduced). I don't know if it was Vibrel though. They also talked about how female "dysfunction" is even talked about -- focus entirely on empirical research and little regard for emotions and other things factors at play that you can't observe under a microscope. It was interesting stuff.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Isabel Honour said...

Thank you for posting this. I had the same experience as you did. Fortunately in the years since you've posted this, several good products for natural female enhancement have become available.

I've tried a number of products before I found Femestril which has worked very well for me. It's only been a couple of months, and the changes have been very subtle, but noticeable. Thanks Kitty!

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Blogger Unknown said...

Just wanted to point out that many years have passed since this was published, and there is now an FDA approved treatment for low female libido. It's somewhat controversial as there is major debate about it's effeciveness, but apparently it does work for at least a few women. It's called Addyi - you can review information about it online and see if it might be for you. One major problem with it though - you CANNOT DRINK ALCOHOL - as in not a drop - when you're taking Addyi, a major reason many women don't like it.

Incidentally, I have also tried Femestril that the above poster mentioned, and it definitely worked for me! Took a couple of months to really kick in, but it made a major difference for this girl!!

Blogger Aadit said...

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