Friday, January 14, 2005
New Years..... decisions...
For New Year’s I’ve seen a lot of people posting their resolutions on their blogs, and lets face it, resolutions are just things that people want dressed up with a fancy name to make them feel more official, more permanent. Well that’s just bullshit, that’s just people hoping that if they say they have made “resolutions” that they will somehow last longer. Well here is a list of things that I “want” in the New Year, none of that selfless official nonsense just the nonsensical ravings of a girl on a blog that no one ever reads.

I want….

… to get out of this beautiful purgatory and begin my new life, my new apartment, my new school. This purgatory was necessary for me to get my life back together after the insanity of university, but now I want to move on, move out and start my new life out of my parent’s house and out of my parents money.

… my new apartment to have all kinds of interesting yet comfortable furniture and classy lighting…

… to take this new and improved body and see what kind of damage it can do, see what kinds of heads it can turn, see what kind of men I can attract…

…to enjoy my bachelorette pad, where I can go to bed with fuzzy teeth and not care, leave dirty panties on the floor if I want to, or enjoy a nice glass of wine with a book (lets be honest, a gin and tonic with crappy tv).

… to end my long distance relationship and restart it in the same town. Live near each other again, not 3000 miles or 2 hours but 10 minutes by subway max.

… to have my boyfriend stop making our decisions (or indecisions) about my actual age and about his emotional age. It’s a great excuse but its baloney that’s starting get to me.

…to do yoga and knit with no guilt that it’s hip. To let my alter ego’s come out and play more, try and get a job at MAC or a yarn store, or to just relax about the idea of a life plan.

… recommit to my school work, if this course is the only thing between me and teachers college then I need to shit or get off the pot, I’m the only thing holding myself back and that’s ridiculous and cliché.

…Stop trying to redefine myself. Live with the fact that I’m never going to completely figure out who I am and I’m not a flake for trying different things.

… to take what I learned in University and rock it out, go and revisit my books that I’ve kept from those classes and appreciate them with a new sense of calm and time that I could never give them then.

So that’s all for now… Wonder if this is even read at all, or if I’m so incredibly boring that no one could bother to comment. Whatever it is I’m glad to put it out there and off my chest.

Monday, January 10, 2005
Stepping up to the plate for a date with Mraz.
I love Jason Mraz... plain and simple. The show was incredible, he was funny creative and an amazing performer... Only complaint? The audience, it had these hippies that were on acid or shrooms or something and they must have thought that they were at burning man or something because they were marching the beat of their own drummer... pissing me off... that and all the university girls acting like they needed to get laid and that they were under the false impression that Jason was just itchin to do it.

Tristan Prettyman
She was his opening act and damn she was amazing. Great voice and amazing talent as a guitarist. I was incredibly impressed and hope to see her again live soon... You should check her out at

Well back to 24... 4 episodes in 2 days... fuckin brilliant!!


Thursday, January 06, 2005
California Dreamin'
Well, I'm back in California after 8 fabulous days in the cold with my fabulous boyfriend... There was tons of knitting but mostly industrial. By industrial I mean that I sat up late at night knitting scarves for everyone in my family. So unfortunately no new fun pictures, but I did make my first hat for myself that I'm really proud of, it has earflaps!!
All in all Christmas was good.

Best present ever? Crossfire was canceled!! JK... it would have to be seeing my baby and the fab time we had together!

See ya

Little Miss Knit

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