Saturday, February 26, 2005
My rant about Bruce Tinsley
For those you that don't read the comics in your local paper, there is one called "Mallard Fillmore" in which a duck gets on a conservative soap box. It is rarely funny and always racy. Up until now I as able to respect his opinions as a cartoonist and conservative as he seemed somewhat intelligent.

Unfortunately that assumption was crushed today by his comic strip (printed Saturday Feb 26th). In it he explains (jokingly of course?!!) that "This just in... New anthropological data suggest that women's body-fat ratio, and larger hip and buttocks... may be a result of nature's design, to enable them... to sit for interminable periods watching the academy awards..."

This is neither funny nor insightful, neither conservative or liberal, it is just plain ignorant. Is it safe to assume that men are able to sit hours on end to watch the super bowl or any other sporting event which has just as much social redeeming value as an awards show? I mean if we are making generalizations about a gender then lets go all out shall we?

Tinsley yet again proves why some liberals generalize about conservatives and consider them ignorant or sexist. Congratulations on destroying any possible shred of respect I had before, you are no longer an intelligent conservative in my eyes, you are just another idiot with a soapbox.

Thursday, February 24, 2005
Vegas Baby Yea!
So I went on a random vegas road trip with a girlfriend of mine... Let me just say that if you have little money and want to get drunk then Vegas is the place to be! All you have to do is play the slots (and they have penny ones!) and they bring you free drinks.

We stayed at a skeezy hotel called "the boardwalk", its highlights include the lowest crap tables in town and a 24 hour "surf" bar. The room was clean but the sheets were dirty (splooge!)
all in all it was a fabulous time and a beautiful drive. It has just downpoured all over the desert so all of these new lakes had cropped up and caused quite the stir in the landscape.

all for now


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