Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Chaplancy week.
This week our campus is hosting "chaplancy week" where the religious group on campus has a different event every day, celebrating being just darn nice to everyone!


Today's treat was lindt chocolates with little notes attached that said "May God bless you and your family". During lunch I had the following conversation with my supervisor:

Me: How was the chocolate?
Super: Delicious!
Me: Do you feel blessed?
Super: most certainly.
Me: Yea, I love when blessings come in chocolate form.

Monday, May 29, 2006
You know its Monday when...
You get to school and some idiot decided to super-glue every lock to enter your building.

Great start to the week.

Friday, May 26, 2006
In The Future...

As TFG and I were pulling out of the driveway of our building, right as we got into the oncoming traffic lane but before we got into our lane, the car just stopped working (didn't actually stall). A car was coming towards us and showed no signs of slowing down. TFG decided that instead of slamming on the horn, he would do the next sensible thing and bang on his window. I decided that the most sensible thing would be to rock my entire body weight like I was on a swing to attempt to move the car (an attempt that was reinforced by the car magically returning to life when I did it). After we got out of oncoming traffic we pulled over for a momentary "stomach-from-throat-ectomy" and then commenced our drive to school.

TFG and I agreed that should that happen in the future either he or I would actually honk the horn but we would both try the rocking thingy again.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006
For your listening pleasure
Blow Me

Tuesday, May 23, 2006
I'm le tired
by the end of my first day, I wanted to go to bed.
at 5:30
I've survived the second day, my supervising teacher is fantastic, and commuting with TFG is great.

In other news, Justin Stearling wants to help all women to discover their feminine side, because only a man could do that.

We also need to take full responsibility for the success of long-term relationships, because men don't care about those things.
I read over Justin Stearling's website and his philosophy and let me tell you, his undergraduate degree in sociology pacified me that and the nudity

Friday, May 19, 2006
No more Karaoke bars.
"There's been Blood
There's been biting,
There's been drunk and disorderly fighting,
All down the street and through the night."
- The Whitlams "I was Alive"

So my friend (we will call her SaucyBrit) decided to give Hugh another chance and invited him to a barbeque at her house.
It seems that Hugh suffers from a small-penis-complex and decided to fight TFG for the role of Alpha male all night long.

Say it with me people: What a wanker.

Now when I say fight, I don't just mean witty barbs, I mean Hugh was up in TFG's face (or grill, if you will) trying to (jokingly) start shit up. Not smart.
TFG is a big guy who would never start a fight, but he was bullied as a child and doesn't take well to someone half his size trying to bring up his scary-hulk side.

After realising what a wanker Hugh was, we left to go to the same karaoke bar as wednesday and Hugh decided he wanted to make TFG jealous by dragging me up on stage to sing "Summer Nights" from Grease. Right before the song started he turned to me and said "you do know what parts you come in on right?!" (heaven forbid I make the 5 time idol hopeful look stupid on stage) he didn't know about my annual slumber parties from the age of 6 to about 12 that involved watching the movie. Jackass didn't know what hit him and he had to crawl off stage with his tail between his legs.


Now whats worse then having a terrible date like the one SaucyBrit was having with Hugh? Getting rejected by him at the end of the night.

Poor SaucyBrit.

There is good news though, I have finally been placed in a school, TFG's school! So now we are going to be commuting buddies.
It also means I am going to be insanely busy for the next four weeks between trying to get through my practice teaching and a long weekend in Sydney.
Expect less posting.

Thursday, May 18, 2006
Friends listen to endless love in the dark
Well, coffee turned into a drink.
A drink turned into another drink at a different bar.
A drink at another bar turned into two bottles of wine back at my friends apartment.
Two bottles of wine turned into countless drinks at a karaoke bar.

Crazy things go down in karaoke bars, the terrible singing makes everyone equal, unless of course you think you are really good. What my friend and I didn't know was that the Australian Idol auditions are going on this weekend (2 blocks from my house, go earplugs) and many people in the bar were rehearsing. One particular idol hopeful took a fancy to us (lets call him Hugh'), and we ended up spending the evening with him and his two friends (who happened to be twins, thank goodness they weren't dressed alike).
these boys were not particularly attractive, but when a perv was following my to the bathroom all by myself they were right on it. That's pretty damn hot in my book.

Hugh took a real liking to my friend, and started telling her about his plans. This Saturday will be his fourth attempt at idol, he is 28 and lives with his parents. Say it with me people: "sexy".

You know what else screams sexy? His white-khaki/sweater/button down shirt combo.
That and the fact that he ate an apple and a granola bar while there.

The dark glow of those terrible karaoke videos, the sound of that awful girl singing "Endless love" for the third time, and the copious amount of alcohol made Hugh attractive, and my friend gave him her number.

We woke the next morning at her place, sans dental floss.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Here we go again...
Remember last week when I ended up with dental floss between my toes? Well, the same friend has invited me out for "coffee".
I'm packing clean undies. I'm also praying the night doesn't end with pictures of me on the internet like this:

yea, i know...
dead sexy.

Monday, May 15, 2006
So much time, so little time.
When I'm in school I feel like it's okay that I don't keep a fantastically clean house, or that I'm a tad overweight. I figure "I'm a busy girl, I can't be expected to do it all" and I figure that is justification enough. I also do the whole "well, when I get some time off I will get that all sorted, keep a fantastically clean house and go on a diet".

what a crock of shit that is.

I've had a week off, did I exercise?
did I cook nice healthy meals?
Did I get any of the school work done I have due in 4 weeks?

not so much.
When I have so little to do its difficult to get motivated.

That and I'm a lazy ass.

Sunday, May 14, 2006
Holy Shit
So, TFG was leaving to go to work and as he was packing his bag into the car, this happened:

This is the driveway to our building

This is the view from the road:

The helicopters are flying, the jaws of life were involved, but no one was killed or seriously injured.

TFG did have to take a bus to work and that made him very nervous.

Thursday, May 11, 2006
Oh goodness.
After shoe shopping ( I bought 2 pairs of flats, one black one brown, super cute) I met up with a friend for coffee. We then decided to have a little more fun and go back to her place for some wine.

Fast forward to the next morning and I'm asleep in my friends bed, alone, with all my clothes on and someones used dental floss between my toes.

The whole experience made me realise how happy I am to be with TFG. He joined us at the beginning of the evening and text messaged me around 2 am to make sure I had gotten somewhere safe for the night. He completely trusts me, just worries about what can happen to two drunk girls out on the town. I'm surprised he didn't call the cops when I tried reading my drunken text messages the next day.
It also made me realise that the next time I go to hang out with my friend, I should bring a change of panties.
And a toothbrush.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Since I don't even have a school to go to and I'm in my third day off with nothing to do, I decided I should try to get some new shoes.

I hate shoe shopping. I hate that I'm 5'5' with size 9 feet.

In California I was able to get away with fashionable Clark's sandals, with a little lift and lots of comfort. In Australia, they have deemed toes to be frightening and immoral and my toes are never to be seen by the students.

I started to wonder how I would get around this without wearing heels. Then fashion came to the rescue with "the ballerina flat"
That's right, it's not just for little girls prancing around the house, its for career women (do I get to call myself that?)! The shoes has embroidery and jewels and all kinds of pretty things.

But then I remembered about how short I am and how huge my feet are and this image came to mind:
As much as I want to run around looking like the hippo from "Fantasia" (and believe me, dancing with the alligator makes it more enticing) I am not too keen on on students noticing my mammoth feet accentuated in the slippers.

So I'm running out of options.

If I had my way I would teach in jeans, or Thai pants (in case of impromptu yoga).
and on my feet I would have cozy knit slippers

But that's not the way it works, on top of being around teenagers all day, I also have to be uncomfortable.
I figure so long as I show up to work not looking like I'm trying to get picked up at a bar (classy or skanky), who cares what I'm wearing?!?!

Monday, May 08, 2006
Yea, I loved Dr. Dolittle Too.
There is something about singing animals that makes me giggle. Especially the monkey snapping his fingers..

Sunday, May 07, 2006
Fight! Fight! Fight!

There is something I became acquainted with shortly after I started blogging.
The phenomena of "The Blog Fight"
I knew someone who compared getting into a blog fight with competing in the special Olympics, but I won't dignify it by finishing the 'joke' I'm sure you can all think of the punchline.

What gets to me is how blog fights start. It usually follows one of three patterns:

Pattern #1

Step One: A blogger posts an opinion that they the believe to be simple and straightforward, without any thought that someone might disagree. They, believing this not to be a hot topic, do not post any facts or figures because hey, they are just going on a rant.

Step Two: They receive affirmation from their normal readers that they are right and that they are right. Everything is peachy.

Step Three: Now this is where the phenomena comes about, I'm not quite sure how this happens but it does and like locus all of the sudden the blog gets swarmed. People that never read that persons blog before and/or have never blogged before, start commenting. They post inflammatory things because they believe they cannot be traced, and often insult the character of the poster.
Sometimes the anonymous posters ask for facts and figures, somehow forgetting that this person is stating an opinion and not writing an article to be published by the APA.

Step Four: Long time readers of the blogger engage in a debate over an issue until the blogger posts again.

Pattern #2

Step One: See pattern 1

Step Two: This blogger has actually reached a sore spot for members of their readership and debate ensues, possibly with feelings getting hurt and readership/friends being lost.

A blog fight like this can get ugly and when that happens it can suck. People can get hurt, friends lost and happy little places destroyed

Pattern #3

Step One: The blogger posts something funny and those that read often know that while some might find it offensive, they don't read often enough to see that this blogger is in fact just playing around. Everyone laughs and comments, all being in on the joke.

Step Two: Someone searching on Google comes across this funny post, takes it in a serious light and gets offended. They then round up their pose of haters and come down full force for a bitch fest, blogger style.

Step Three: Regular readers wait until there is blood in the water then pounce on the non-blogging wackjobs that have invaded, belittling them with their fantastic wit. Hilarity ensues, non-bloggers insult bloggers for being bloggers, hopefully everyone moves on.

I for one, love a good blog debate. I have friends that agree with most if not all of my opinions and getting the chance to engage in a debate with someone that disagrees with me can be great.

Watching bloggers and non-bloggers fight is like some sort of sharks vs. jets reenactment. Everyone dances around and no one really gets hurt because they all remember, its just blogging.

So what do you guys think? so long as there are blogs, will there be blog fights? Did I forget any classic reasons for blog fights starting?

Friday, May 05, 2006
So, classes are done, I haded in my assignment and I had to get it bound because the damn stapler wouldn't go through it. Starting on monday I'm supposed to be at my practicum school (teehee "cum") but the thing is I still haven't been placed, so I get a holiday on monday!!

The down side is that if they still can't find me a school, I might have to go teacher grade 6 for a month which would suck, because then I would have to deal with brats like this:

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Two nights ago, TFG went to get the Nutella from the cupboard and he yelled out "Babe? were you rushed this morning? cause the yoghurt is in the cupboard and the muselix is in the fridge"

That was funny.

Last night I made my sandwich for today and instead of putting it in the fridge I put it in my lunch bag, so now I have the choice is risking eating funky tuna, or buying.
Not so funny. grr.

I'm exhausted. I have a massive assignment due tomorrow (35 pages!) a presentation today, and an essay tomorrow.

On monday I'm supposed to start work in my prac school and I still haven't been placed. So after Friday I might be on a long vacation.

I'm still looking for a good caption for the picture below, come on!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Fucking Babies
Insert funny caption here

Monday, May 01, 2006
Things that make me smile


My father used to drive me placed during the day and force me to listen to Rush Radio. I remembered thinking "what a pompous jackass!"
I was 14.

Rush being forced to take drug tests should be a good way to shut him up about drug addicts.

one other thing making me laugh? This Ad for "Libra"
TFG didn't get it at first, you guys let me know...

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