Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Ah yes, always finding things...
Kinda like how we "found" America?

My brother and were watching the news and after hours finally saw a "white looter" but she had only taken bread and water from Winn Dixie.

Its like watching 28 days later.

Went to home depot today.. bought 2 generators with my dad. Heard the woman say "$1225" we didn't even blink. They are being shipped tomorrow to friends in Baton Rouge.

Its funny how some things just don't seem to matter in a crisis..

And how morals go out the window..

Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Attention all freaks
BTW- anyone else with camera info please let me know...


If you have arrived here after a search engine (yahoo, google or msn) brought you here for any of the following reasons, please know you have been mislead.

If you are looking for:

Dwight Krizman murder

men who like to watch their spouses having sex


peter sarsgaard's penis

pictures of girls vagina's after having sex for the first time

pictures of vagina's medical


"24 Hour Fitness" David DeFalco

sunburnt labia

litte girl got raped

little girls being raped by dogs pics

You have come to the wrong place you wierdo.
So buzz off.

-Little Miss Grossed Out

Monday, August 29, 2005
Calling all Bloggers and Bloggistas
I'm moving to Australia in January and I want to buy a digital camera. I have got a clue as to what I want but there are so many brands out there that I was wondering if anyone could tell me about their experience with their digital camera (I can tell from your blogs that a few of you have them!).

Do you like yours?
What make/model is it?
Was it incredibly expensive?
What is your favorite thing that you can do with it? (feature wise)

Little Miss Photographer

Saturday, August 27, 2005
3 Years Ago Today UPDATED
The other half to this story commented....

3 years ago today,
at 2:30 am
He showed up at my door,
After a flight in from Rome
With a bracelet
That I had mentioned liking
In a store in Malta

We kissed
In the doorway
On the couch
On the floor
On the bed.

And then he left.
Knew he couldn't sleep over
Wanted to do it right.

The most unconventional of beginnings.

The year before
Around christmas time,
We flirted in the university convenience store.
He said "I'm moving to Rome, we should hang out"
And gave me his number
We hung out,
I was ackward
Still hurting from a bad break up

We talked all night
I slept through an exam
He missed my birthday celebration to go watch LOTR
He flew away to Rome
And I wrote him off.

He came back in Feb....
Just for two weeks.
Showed up on my doorstep
On the 15th
With Valentines Day ice cream cake

We ate it and watched the olympics
And cuddled.
Then he left again.

Months later I get a call
From Malta, from him
"Come visit, you will love it here"
Had spent only 24 hours total
With the man
Contemplating flying 3000 miles
By May
I was there
Most romantic and emotionaly wrenching
2 weeks of my life.

And then he arrived in the middle of the night
At my door
with a bracelet
and a kiss.

Happy Anniversary.
As I am killing HaloScan
(expect you to pay to archive for more than 4 months, and I miss my old blogger comments)
And these comments have been especially important to me, I have copied them here off of haloscan you must marry him and make many babies who will have luscious dual citizenship.excellent.
diadima Homepage 08.27.05 - 8:44 pm #

I agree. This made my eyes well up. But just a little. *sniff*I am SUCH a sucker for a good romance. don't tell anybody.Nick Homepage 08.28.05 - 1:07 am #

Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful story!!Are you really only 22? Because that is so not fair, dammit! lolJaded Homepage 08.28.05 - 7:33 am #

Yea I'm really only 22... but people rarely believe it.. I won't tell anyone nick, no worries..Yea Dia... considering how quirky we are it will probably be babies, then marriage...littlemissknit Homepage 08.28.05 - 8:40 am #

Nick is crying because you have a boyfriend.All of the women who make his heart go pitter patter are taken.I'll find you a good one, Nick. You just wait and see. Then I'll teach her to make pie.ubermilf Homepage 08.28.05 - 2:19 pm #

doe sthis kinda of thing really happen in real life or is this your flash fiction friday too?lilreddramaqueen Homepage 08.28.05 - 2:34 pm #

lil'red. It actually happened, and we are still together..I'm thinking I wanna get in on this whole FFF thing though!littlemissknit Homepage 08.28.05 - 6:17 pm #

Hey Lil'Red, not only did it happen, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.I guess I'm outing my identity here, but since it IS our three year anniversary, I think it's ok! And since I’m here, I want to say a few things!
Laura, thank you for three amazing years. Sometimes I can't believe it's been that long, other times I can't believe it's been so short. I can't really remember not being with you, and I don't want to. I love every minute we're together, and I'm hoping that we'll have some more of those minutes soon!
I love your mind - your sense of equality and justice; the way you never submit or let other people submit to any kind of oppression. The world needs passionate fighters like you!I love the fact that you blog - even if I don't do it myself!I love that you're able to understand and help me - giving me a hug when I need one, and a kick in the ass when I need that! I love that you are always willing to try something new. That you're open-minded and kind. That you never pre-judge anyone or anything.
I love that you support my decisions. That you allow and help me to pursue the things I want, instead of pressuring me into a safe, normal path. (I have enough people doing that, and you believe in my dreams!)
I love that you love to travel. You know I can't stay still for too long, and I can't wait to embark on a ton of adventures with you! (Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, Antarctica and anywhere else you want to go!)
I love your feminism! And that you’re able to make it real and tangible who don’t believe in it. (Remember the whole: “and you wrote that essay in UNIVERSITY…” thing? )I love your sense of humour! More importantly, I love that it meshes with mine! I love when we laugh at a joke that no one else gets, which only makes us laugh harder!
I love that you challenge me. To be better, smarter, happier and nicer than I ever thought I could be. I love that you can yell at me in Vietnamese while you’re still asleep! I love that you still wear the bracelet. Most of all, I love that you had me over to watch the Olympics. I know we had an unconventional beginning, but we both saw that there was something worth fighting for. Every day we're together proves we were right. I can't wait to watch the 2006 Olympics with you and reminisce. Maybe for 2010 we'll head to Vancouver.....I love you. Happy - Thank you to everyone who posts here. I know that this community means a lot to Laura, and that you all brighten her day! So a big thank you from me!
torontofilmgrad 08.28.05 - 7:05 pm #

whoo-hoo!! how sweet!! and who knew your man was moonlighting on your blog? I didn't!petunia mcgillicuddy 08.28.05 - 8:17 pm #

Thursday, August 25, 2005
Tell Me Something
Tell me something good
Tell me that you love me
Tell me something good
Tell me that you like it, yeah

A lot of bloggers have been focused on depression lately, and I can't blame them. We all go through an ebb and flow of emotions. Lately I have been pretty down myself. Between my family being away in Canada (where I so desperately wish I was), and my three year anniversary with my boyfriend in a few days, I'm pretty bummed.

My family will be back tomorrow, yet another trek into downtown LA to pick them up. And my anniversary will come and go, there will be no big surprise of my boyfriend showing up just in time........ that only happens in the movies (and if it has happened to you in real life, don't tell me).
We've decided to go without anniversary gifts this year, and will celebrate when I get up there in October. sniff sniff.. another 5 weeks.

The only thing that keeps me going is that in 4 months we will be together in a crappy apartment in Australia. But it will be our crappy apartment. and that will be nice.

I've been thinking about how I'm almost 23. And this song seems frighteningly appropriate to my life right now...

Put your hands to my hands
Put your knees to my knees
Put your eyes to my eyes
Come on baby compliment me

Cause I don’t think that we
Should ever feel the need to worry
Ever get ourselves in a hurry
You know I love youI know you love me
So time will go
And we may be
Far apart I know

But as far as I can see
This is so good
There’s no need for change
It’s alright with me
It’s as simple as it should be
Simple as it should be

And this love will build Through flights and streets
In the end I predict
You’ll get the very best of me
So put your lips to my lips
Why not go on and take all of it
And just run as fast as you can
Just cause you can

Cause time will go
And we may be
Far apart I know
But as far as I can see
This is so good
There’s no need for change

It’s alright with me
It’s as simple as it should be
Simple as it should be

I am almost 23
Confused with all the lines in between
They are dying to be read
Softly spoken simply said
Tell me do you believe
In the girl that is me
With her feet to your feet
Well that’s all that I need
Cause time will go
And we may be
Far apart I know
But as far as I can see
This is so good
There’s no need for change
It’s alright with me
It’s as simple as it should be
Simple as it should be

- Tristan Prettyman

Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Pat Robertson Strikes Back
Apparrently we misinterpreted him. Amazingly "If he thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it." doesn't mean we should kill the leader of a country.

If a religious leader of some muslim faction came out and ON TV said that we should assasinate Blair or Bush, the leaders ofthose nations would be calling for the deaths of those religious leaders. So what makes Pat Robertson so different? Are we to believe that his style of Christianity is any less violent?

Bush should be coming out and publicly dismissing these comments, or he WILL be seen as agreeing with them.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Pat Roberston and Republican Dentists...
So Pat Robertson is batshit crazy, but we shall get to him first.

First: Republican Dentists...

I went to the dentist's today to get my mouthguard, since this period of stress is causing me to widdle away my teeth. I also had a tiny tiny cavity.

My dentist is a very nice man, who only has your comfort at heart. He also loves talk radio. I had to suffer not only through O'Reilly talking about how as a school teacher (yes that man isn't required to register as a sex offender.... yet) he used to intimidate his students that acted out by humiliating them verbally and frightening them with his physical size. He then expected praise for the fact that he doesn't beat children. What do you want, a cookie? you aren't supposed to beat kids!

I then had to listen to Rush "I-was-addicted-to-oxycoton-but-lets-still-kill-all-the-heroin-addicts" Limbaugh, thank goodness that was when the drilling started and I could no longer hear.

Now onto Pat Robertson.
Image hosted by
This is the man that thought in South Africa White people deserved more votes because they didn't have ENOUGH power. I've found a very interesting collection of his quotes... here

Enough Said.

- Little Miss Pimpstress

High Pimpstress
If Nick can be a pimp
I'm a Pimpstress.

Just like Esthero..

Now all I need is a hat...
For now a belt buckle will have to do

Monday, August 22, 2005
Alice's Restaurant
Image hosted by
One God - Many Forms
One River - Many Streams
One People - Many Faces
One Mother - Many Children
(The Guthrie Center)

I watched "Alice's Restaurant" with my dad this weekend. Crazy hippie movie to end all crazy hippie movies. It was very fun and very sweet. I know that "Toronto Film Grad" may loath hippies, but these ones make me happy...

I spent most of the weekend catching up on this last season of 6 feet under, so this was a nice distraction. My favorite highlight of the season? Lauren Ambrose singing "you ride up my thighs" her fantasy sequence dedicated to her hatred for pantyhose. I feel the same way.

The other highlight? The women's gathering to mourn, I'm not a particularly religious person, but their song made me weep. They were their own angels through that, and their voices coming together was amazing click here to hear it

So yea... the blog world has been pretty quiet lately, guess people are getting out in the beautiful summer sun.

go hug a hippie,

Little Miss Wonky

Ps. 2 references to the idea of a diety in one post. Crazyness!

sex dreams
I had a sex dream
About Jon Stewart
A surprisngly good sex dream..
I'm a dork.

Sunday, August 21, 2005
cheer me up
Feeling depressed..
Too much 6 feet under and wine.
Tell me a joke.

Friday, August 19, 2005
Chaos.. A good reason to stay in.
[Please see below for my previous post, as I have double blogged..]

There is a film coming out on short release called "Chaos". I have not seen it, nor do I intend to. The premise of the film is that two young girls are drawn into the woods in hopes to score some e and end up getting brutally raped murdered and mutilated.
A better description (but gory one so don't say I didn't warn you)

can be found here.

While I don't want to draw any more attention to this awful piece of shit bad exploitation film which only intended to get psychopaths and rapists off, I couldn't help but blog about it considering my theme of movies that mutilate women.

On the website for this film they boast the following "facts" about what happened to the cast during and post the filming of this waste celluloide.

Kevin Gage, the star who played Chaos, remains in prison since shortly after the picture was completed nearly two years ago.

Dwight Krizman, partner to David DeFalco and Steven Jay Bernheim, arrested for murdering his wife during the filming of Chaos was charged with 2nd degree murder and sentenced to 15 years to life.

Steven Jay Bernheim’s brand new Ferrari 350 Modena that took him a year to get, mysteriously burst into flames during the filming of Chaos. David DeFalco later identified the three sixes (666) on the vehicle. Finally, in late 2004 the vehicle has been finished being repaired.

A disgruntled set worker, Luis Arroyo, filed a class action lawsuit against Nowhere House LLC, the Chaos production company. The judge assigned to the case, Judge Buckner, blew his brains out and the case was since settled.
(he didn't just commit suicide, he "blew his brains out")

Writer/Director David DeFalco has had his own battle with “demons” and his physical appearance has altered dramatically since the filming of Chaos.

Actress KC Kelly, who played the role of Daisy, was so psychologically affected by the movie, she became agoraphobic for six months after the filming.

Writer/Director David “the Demon” DeFalco has been permanently terminated from the 24 Hour Fitness gym chain in Los Angeles due to members being in fear of their lives with him working out there.

Why anyone would want to pay money to watch a 74 minute snuff film is beyond me. The fact that someone could actually think up this film and WANT to put it on screen is beyond me.

this is a quote from the director:
“Sometimes people come at me hard because they are offended by the movie. I come back at them twice as hard. Don’t be mad at me, be mad at society. I didn’t dream up this stuff in my sick little head. This stuff goes on all the time and is constantly on the six o’clock news. I’m just showing you the part you don’t see on the news.”

There is a good fucking reason they don't put this shit on the news, because the people that LIVED through it suffered enough, and reinacting their death in such gore and detail does NO service to the public, it only gives those that are mentally inclined to it an inspiration. By putting it on film you are glorifying it.

Starship Troopers, Anti-Vagina
For some reason Starship Troopers and Showgirls were on tv within days of each other. They have inspired a couple of posts, the first, on Starship Troopers. Both films are by the worst director on earth who enjoys creating softcore and just convinces serious actors to get involved. Want a list of his works? click here

For those of you that have seen "Starship Troopers", please know that I don't think for a second that the film takes itself seriously, because if it does then thats reallllllly funny...

Moving on.

The basic premise of the film is that it is the future and all nations of the world are taken over and made English speaking and seem very American.
They are being attacked by "bugs" that look like huge spider/cricket type thingys. Their response is to come to their planets and blow the living crap out of them. Nudity and rampant killing, good times for all. Until they find "the brain". The brain is for lack of a better word a huge walking vagina.
With lots of eyes and spikey things and goo coming off it.
In order to bring peace and unity the big the vagina is brought back to earth and tied down. It is then stabbed and.... you got it, probed. With a big spikey metal thingy with scissor like arms. They don't just insert this probe into the brain/vagina, they stab it in violently, leading the mock newscast to cover the scene as "obscene".
So with the vagina tamed, the soldiers are able to go in and kill the bugs with greater ease.

Oh joy.
Paul Verhoeven (the director of this film and other masterpieces like "showgirls”) must REALLY hate women...

The actual women with vagina’s in the film follow a specific pattern in his film. One is promiscuous and the other is longing for the “leading man” and dies.

In starship troopers, “Rico” has his pick of two women. One (played by Denise Richards and Dina Meyer) Dizzy (dina) who loves him unconditionally and just hopes for that one chance, she is also got red curly hair, and isn’t afraid of her sexuality. Rico doesn’t want her not matter how much she throws it at him, instead he wants Carmen (Denise) the brown straight haired girl with Michael Jackson’s nose. They all decide to join the army, Rico and Dizzy join the mobile infantry (Rico because he is an idiot and Dizzy, well we are led to believe she follows him when she gets herself transferred to his platoon). Carmen instead gets to go for pilot training with another man, who she flirts with incessantly.

So in the heat of going to the native planet of the bugs and killing them before they kill humans (remind you of anyone?), Dizzy finally gets her wish and Rico has his way with her. Then of course, she dies happy because she may not have had Rico’s heart, but at least she had his penis.. for a minute or so. Meanwhile Carmen has hooked up with her pilot boyfriend, and of course he dies, by having his brains sucked out by the giant vagina. This leaves Carmen and Rico to hook up again and live happily ever after.

Also in Verhoeven’s fantasy future world? Co-ed showers. Boobs galore. Not unlike Showgirls, which I will post about next..

Would you like to see a picture of the brain/vagina? click here.

Thursday, August 18, 2005
Abused spouses of North Carolina, we got nothin for ya
The state of North Carolina wants battered spouses they think you should have a gun so that when your abusive spouse comes for ya, they can have a gun!

see here for full article

We’re not interested in them shooting their abusers,” said Paul Valone, president of Grass Roots North Carolina. “We’re interested in delivering a message: When police can’t protect these people, they are capable of protecting themselves.”

So have a gun, but don't shoot them? Just have the threat of a gun? sounds as empty as an order of protection...

Instead of telling the abused to get a gun, how about locking up their abusers? offering better protection while the abuser is free?


Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Esthero, You're my hero
Image hosted by When I first came back to California, I decided to treat myself to Esthero's new album "Wicked Little Grrrls". I met her once while she was getting her hair done, and dated a distant cousin, or roomate of a distant cousin, eitherway, thats how I was introduced to her 5 years ago.

Her new album is a reminder that women are amazing.
We are activists
We are bar prowlers, looking for a one night stand
We are romantic and can fall in love fast
We enjoy sex, and sometimes want to use an ex for only that purpose
We can be heart broken and sad
We can get together with our girlfriends and be wicked..

If you have the chance, pick up her album, her title track makes me want to dance around my room in stilleto heels, garters, and a corset..
with the blinds shut..
and drapes drawn... just in case..

I hate Kansas, In the Springtime, I hate Kansas in the Fall. UPDATED
I've never been to Kansas. I'm sure that the people in Kansas are nice farm loving people, but there is no way in hell I would ever want to live there... Here is why...

First of all, Kansas is one of the states pushing for the teaching of Intelligent Design (aka god created all) in science classes.

Attorney General Phill Kline

-He also helped write a state law restricting late-term abortions, the issue now winning so much national attention from friends and foes.

- Kline sought to require Kansas health workers to report sexual activity of girls younger than 16, the age of consent. The workers filed suit, and a federal judge blocked the request. Kline then persuaded a state judge to back the subpoena for records of more than 80 women and girls who received abortions in 2003 at two clinics. He described it as a search for evidence of illegal late-term abortions and child rape.

- he has tried every which way to get a hold of women's health records from planned parenthood clinics. In his first effort he said he wanted them as evidence of statutory rape cases, and wanted TISSUE samples from any cells taken from said women. THEN he tried to get ahold of 80 medical records of women who had late term abortions in an attempt to prosecute them. These women don't know if their records are one of them and could be sprung with charges. Most of them has late term abortions because their babies had brain damage or were brain dead. Some never told their families.

- he is also big on pushing intelligent design..

The other reason Kansas sucks?

A Kansas state senator who has been quoted as saying she does not support the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote is running for Secretary of State. Republican Sen. Kay O’Connor announced Wednesday that she was running for the statewide office, which oversees elections and voting.
This position has become increasingly important in allocating voting machines to districts and precincts, choosing election equipment, and deciding whether or not to purge voter rolls.

In 2001, the Kansas City Star quoted her as saying, “"I'm an old-fashioned woman. Men should take care of women, and if men were taking care of women (today) we wouldn't have to vote.”

She said that if she had the opportunity to vote on the 19th Amendment guaranteeing women the right to vote, that she would vote against it, the Star reports. “We have a society that does tear families apart … I think the 19th Amendment, while it’s not an evil in and of itself, is a symptom of something I don’t approve of … The 19th Amendment is around because men weren’t doing their jobs, and I think that’s sad. I believe the man should be the head of the family. The woman should be the heart of the family,” she said, according to the Associated Press.
After a controversy erupted in which members of her own party suggested she resign from office, O’Connor denied saying she opposed the 19th Amendment, but witnesses confirmed her comments and the Star stuck by its story.
On Wednesday, O’Connor said that she did not think this issue would be a factor in her election and dismissed the controversy as “silliness” – “I am who I am. You don’t have to agree with everything I say,” she said, according to the Associated Press.

I honestly don't think I could make any comment that would make this woman seem more ridiculous than she already is...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Sick and Tired of Family
I'm feeling depressed.
My whole family is together
my brother especially.
I have 2 brothers.
1 is my twin, he is the baby and the sweetest boy (he is 17, and I refuse to call him a man)
the other is 20
my middle school students were more mature than him
he drives me nuts
we rub each other the wrong way and just downright don't get along
he has gotten into physcial fights with members of my family, including my mother.

Example of my brothers pathology?
He saw me calling the dogs upstairs with me to chill in my room while I work
So he called them too, and when I called him on it he said I was pathetic.
HE is the pathetic one.

He always wants to make sure you know he is smarter than you
make sure he has the last word.

Well this is my space
And I get the last word.

He leaves in 48 hours, and I will do a victory dance around the house with the dogs..
We will burn sage to rid ourselves of his aura.


So I have a lot of friends that read my blog that I would like to allow to comment on my blog, but I'm not about to go "anonymous"... so i'm trying this out... hope you guys like this!!

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Monday, August 15, 2005
Another nominee for vagina revocation
[note: see below and on flickr for pics of the trip]

Michelle Malkin, like Ann Coulter is a conservative pundit who regularly appears on the O'Reilly spin zone.

In her blog yesterday she distastefully wrote about how Cindy Sheehan's husband has filed for divorce.
When a married couple loses a child they often cannot handle it and file for divorce.

It is for this reason I find her digusting and unworthy of retaining her vagina.

Image hosted by

read her blog to see if you second the motion


Originally uploaded by littlemissknit.
my brother, the next ansel adams

deer in our backyard

deer in our backyard
Originally uploaded by littlemissknit.
just chilling at the house we rented in yosemite

i look so small

i look so small
Originally uploaded by littlemissknit.
next to a huge freakin mountain.. so why do I still feel fat?

yes, gas at 8000 feet

yes, gas at 8000 feet
Originally uploaded by littlemissknit.
costs 3.09 per gallon... many photos to come today from my trip

Sunday, August 14, 2005
Can't Sleep, Clown'll eat me...
So for some reason, I can't sleep and without my TiVo in my room my TV options are slim to none.

So I'm watching the comedy central roast of Pamela Anderson, and it is apparently tandem to the roast of Courtney Love.

So 45 minutes of jokes about Pamela's vagina and Courtney showing her vagina and I'm about tapped out.

We get it, Tommy Lee has a HUGE penis. It destroyed her, ruined her for any other man. And WHY does Courtney keep spreading her legs?!?!?! And why the frick is Bee Arthur there?!?!?!?
Courtney keeps claiming she has been "clean and sober for a year". So drunk doesn't count?

Help me people me.... I really don't see the appeal, of either Pam or Courtney...

Calling all my male readers, you know all 2 or three of you, and all my female readers, ask your male friends... what the hell makes them attractive?
Is heroin chique really in?
Do perfect perky, floatation devices really do it for ya?
A big huge blond wig?

While I'm not going to rack my brain, I am quite interested...

-Little Miss Confused...

Back to Civilization
I have returned, safe and sound. Yosemite was absolutely stunning and more stories to come. For now I must flop on my bed and rest. Yosemite may be great, but getting there and coming back is a 5 hour road involving 2 hours of hairpin turns steep hills!

-Litte Miss Nature Girl

Thursday, August 11, 2005
Off to Hike in Nature
I'm off to Yosemite National Park tomorrow morning at the crack of bum. Excited about a few days out in nature, but I'm sure I will be missing my computer and my blogger friends.

Watching a Judy Garland special on PBS. There is very little that depresses me more than hearing her later performances of "somewhere over the rainbow". She is in her forties in this special. She looks tired, worn out, but still her natural beauty shines through.

Went to go see "March of the Penguins", absolutely amazing. The sight of a deadbaby penguin can be very sad though...

I watched "L'Ultimo bacio" or "the last kiss" in Italian. Amazing film about men that are stupid and think their lives are ending because their girlfriends are pregnant or have had babies. They do stupid things but somehow the women forgive them. What surprised me most about the film was the natural beauty of these women. They had fair sized breasts, and guess what came with that? An ass. A real pretty Italian ass.

I've always been ashamed of my larger behind, but you know what? Not anymore. I may not like the little bit of fat I get between my arm and my chest, or that there is no space inbetween my inner thighs, but my ass? That I'm proud of.

so while I'm on a 3 day hiatus, why not read back a few days? You might have missed something!


PS. "Josh"? I know you keep coming back, why not actually engage in some real conversation instead of just trolling? I'm sure the people here would be more than happy to engage in real conversation if you would be above insulting us and telling us to "rebuild our bra" (btw, what the hell does that mean? Cause I think my last bra was probably made in china).

Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Dove, the campaign for real money...
Image hosted by
I was walking through the mall last night and I saw an ad for the "Campaign for real beauty". I'd seen ads for this campaign a few times and always found them intriguing. The idea that a woman can be beautiful without falling in the conventional size 2 frame. fantastic I though.

Their website shows you about all these things they are doing, trying to raise money for campaigns to help boost self esteem in teen girls. All great things, and no product advertisements.

Until you see the billboard at the mall. A beautiful woman, who is tall and probably a size 14. All the signs are appropriate, talking about how beautiful she is even though she doesn't fit in the traditional mold. Then do you know what was in the bottom right corner?

That's right, a product. It wasn't enough that women were associating their happy healthy bodies with dove. Now they have you where they want you and they want to OVERTLY sell you something.

Even that I was okay with. It was the actual product that they were selling they ticked me off.


Because it was a firming cream. Beautiful, secure size 14 woman. My hero. But she still needs a frickin firming cream?

Fuck you Dove.
And the feel good bullshit campaign you rode in on.

-Little Miss Pissed Off

PS. The art was created by yours truly. Feel free to laugh at its lack of style and professionalism, but my laptop is too sad to run anything fancy like photo-shop.

Katherine Harris, head cheerleader
I guess Katherine Harris has never been on TV before guessing from her performance on Fox news, she must have thought she was going for Miss Florida, not running for a government office.
I love how the angle shows the perfect grapefruit shape of her boobs.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Every now and then..
Woke up this morning at 5am. Thunder and noise and all the dogs in the neighbourhood barking away. I was certain it was an earthquake, the one night I decided to sleep nude.
Amazingly enough, it was the space shuttle landing. something to tell the grand kids I'm sure..

I know that I post about a lot of controversial stuff and that every now and then someone will read my blog and not be happy with what they read.
I'm okay with that, because if everyone always agreed with me then I would never be challenged and that's not what its like in the real world..
You know what I find weird though? People who go reading through MONTHS of post to try and FIND something they don't agree with.

case in point

Image hosted by He and I must have gone to two different schools.
In the meantime let me just say that I love my bra, and my makeup and my hair.
Josh is a coward. Embedding his anger towards me deep in the bowels of my blog, in hopes that I wouldn't find it, in hopes that I wouldn't expose it to my other faithful readers.
Newsflash Josh: all comments written on my blog are sent to me by email. You would know that if you had the two brain cells to rub together to write your own damn one.

The one thing Josh and I have in common is a very odd duck name paul kokoski. Josh and Paul could very easily be one in the same. If you were to do a google search for Paul apparently my blog turns up. It's what else that turns that I find much more interesting.

The letter to the editor written by Paul is not the only one he has written against abortion. He has written to, a russian publication, the warsaw voice, the yemen news, usa today, the LA times, the NY times, the Miami Herald, and a certain american spectator found Paul very interesting

Put your opinions for all to see on the line instead of just creating a name to spread the hate, then have a glass of wine and chill out, all that anger can't be good for your prostate.

-Little Miss Feminist

Monday, August 08, 2005
wanna see elvis kiss a bat?
So apparently, the possibly worst photograph was taken of me by my boyfriends brother. Changes are that this picture will end up on some skanky website, so I would like to be one to put it out myself

So there ya go, worst picture of me ever, probably in mid-yawn, on a boat, no makeup, in a bikini of all godawful things.
For some reason I have the biggest nose, and my mouth is huge.
I make no apologies for the glasses though, they rock.

So I guess is should go throw up now.

Nick insipired me to put this up what with his pic riding a mechanical bull
which inspired the uber of all ubermilfs to create this lovely pictorial....

If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at.... well nick.. but thats besides the point..

- Little Miss Fat

Like a Virgin...
One of the most coveted thing a woman "owns" is her virginity. When we decide to take the plunge and have sex for the first time we call it "losing" our virginity. As if it is not something that we own that we can give to someone, but instead something we lose, as if we could find it if we looked hard enough.

When a woman is known for having sex with many partners, we call her "loose" or that she is "giving it away". Is sex something we can have too much of? Are we supposed to make our partners work for it? How many partners is "too many"?
Will our girl parts fall off if we use them in "excess"?
You would think so from the way the media and vocabulary treats them.
When a boy loses his virginity, he is "Getting rid of it" like a plague that must be dealt with in order to become a man.

The vocabulary around sex is frightening and intended to make women ashamed from the very beginning of their sexual life. But as Shirley Manson of "Garbage" states in her latest album..

sex is not the enemy.

No evolution
Sometimes it depresses me
The same old same
Oh we keep repeating history
The institution curses curiosity
It's our conviction
Sex is not the enemy
A revolution is the solution
A revolution is the solution
I won't feel guilty
No matter what they're telling me
I won't feel dirty and buy into their misery
I won't be shamed because I believe that love is free
It fuels the heart and sex is not my enemy
A revolution is the solution
A revolution is the solution
True love is like gold
There's not enough to go around
But then there's god and doesn't god love everyone?
Give me a choice
Give me a chance to turn the key and find my voice
Sex is not the enemy
A revolution is the solution
A revolution is the solution
Sex is not the enemy
A revolution... ooh

Sunday, August 07, 2005
my first weekend back.
I'm adjusting slowly to being back with my family, especially since we are ALL home, which rarely happens. My middle brother is here and he and I do not get along. There is something about him that just rubs me the wrong way and it doesn't matter what we say to each other it ends in a fight.

Plans have been made to go to Yosemite next weekend, we will see if we all come back alive.

I managed to move my tivo down to the big tv, set it up and make it work (almost) so I'm feeling pretty darn smart!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Saturday, August 06, 2005
In the mood for some excessive blogging..
In an attempt to rebound from my depression I've been listening to a couple new albums.

One song stuck in my head is "Love Love Love" by Tristan Prettyman...

Love Love Love
It’s 4 am
The paperboy’s at it again
But I can’t get no sleep
I mean what’s the point?

If I can’t even dream up a dream
That’s worth the keep
And so there’s no need in even going
Cause I’m better off never knowing
You know the media’s getting
Really good at lying
And this time around
I’m not buying

Cause this life is a beautiful one
And though I seen it comin undone
I know most definitely
That it’s gonna be you
It’s gonna be me
So baby keep your head up
Keep it on the up and up
Cause you got all my…
Love love love

Cause we’re all just lovers and takers
Breaking hearts to make the papers
She wants love I told her to stop trying
Cause the reasons for her tears
Aren’t worth crying

And this life is a beautiful one
And though I seen it comin undone
Well I know most definitely
That it’s gonna be you
It’s gonna be me
So baby keep your head up
Keep it on the up and up
Cause you got all my
Love love love

Loving all around me
I think that love has found me
Loving all the time
And when the summer’s here
The waves are crashing
No time for thinking
Don’t even ask me
I’m gonna let it all roll right past me
Cause when I’m here I’m always happy

And this life is a beautiful one
And though I seen it comin undone
Well I know most definitely
It always works out the way it’s meant to be
So baby keep your head up
Keep it on the up and up
And know that you got all my
Love love love

click here to hear the song, click on "stream" next to track one "Love Love Love"

Ah yes, crochet will heal your wicked ways!
L.A. Times, 4/8/05

An ex-convict who pleaded no contest to sexually abusing his daughter was sentenced in Harlingen to 320 hours of community service crocheting.
The charges against Robert Wayne Thompson surfaced during a dispute over custody of the child, when Thompson's ex-wife accused him of sexually abusing the 8-year-0ld and filed civil and criminal complaints against him.
After the girl told a judge in the civil case that her mother had told her to say Thompson abused her, state District Judge Rose Guerra Reyna, in the criminal case agreed to a plea bargain that required Thompson to register as a sex offender, be under probation, and spend 320 hours crocheting afghans.

So there are many things wrong with this case. Let me list a few that I found..
- setting a precident that 320 hours of arts and crafts for a sex offence that could be used in another case.
- A mother pitting her daughter against her father for custody and traumatizing her by forcing her to lie on the stand is pretty awful. If thats what happened. Their are a many reasons why this girl would have lied either about the abuse or about being forced to lie. Whether or not this girl was abused could still be truly unknown.
- IF this girl wasn't abused, forcing this man who is already an ex-con to register as a sex offender leaves his job option pretty low.
Anything else wrong with this picture?

Friday, August 05, 2005
Ah the internet...
The mission of the ACLU is to preserve all of these protections and guarantees:

Your First Amendment rights-freedom of speech, association and assembly. Freedom of the press, and freedom of religion supported by the strict separation of church and state.

Your right to equal protection under the law - equal treatment regardless of race, sex, religion or national origin.

Your right to due process - fair treatment by the government whenever the loss of your liberty or property is at stake.

Your right to privacy - freedom from unwarranted government intrusion into your personal and private affairs.

Little Miss Sad
Yesterday it hadn't sunk in. The novelty of being home was still there. Last night it was bad. My body said it was 4 am, it was only 1am. Either way was still very late for me. I couldn't sleep. The bed seems too big, and he isn't here, spooning me and touching my hair.

Today we talked online, saw him on his webcam. I cried. I'm not used to this yet. It's all still sinking in.

My last post must have been too long. People came and looked, but few commented. I'm going to go and pet my needy little dog, eddie, he is more codependent and starved for affection than I am.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005
Little Miss Knit Returns
(Having read my post over, I realized that a 1.5 hour layover in Phoenix leaves me wordy, so I’ve edited to a more rosie/annie b style.. Enjoy!)

Survived my flight from Buffalo to Phoenix,
Didn’t kill small screaming banshee-baby
Also spared: 2 women that thought the plane
Was a flying bar.
Called the flight attendant a “waitress”

Phoenix airport is too damn small
Doesn’t allow enough plugs
Eager laptop aficionado’s
Troll the airport to plug in,
battery life is never
the way it seems in the ads.

Feel like a sherpa,
Checked bag was too heavy
Had to shoulder the burden myself
See a slim woman
With a slimmer version
Of my laptop
She seems careless.
I feel even fatter
With my excess weight
My overweight backpack
And my bloated laptop.

This airport is full of them
Does Phoenix breed them?
Slim women
With long, blond curly hair
Long legs in
The shortest of shorts.

I’m 5’5
Dark short hair
Short legs
A Real woman
Has curves.

Reading my Bitch Magazine
On the plane.
Felt like I should hide it
Like it was porn.
The Luna Pads ad on the back
Beautiful words scrawled on the front
And inside.

Falling in love
w/ moving walkways.
Wish my life had one
To let me know my path
And help me along the way
Doesn’t need to drag me
Just support me, give me a little push
Make the journey a little shorter.
Only problem with the moving walkway
You can’t get off until the end.
You have to ride it to the end of the line,
Or run like hell backwards
Run against the grain
Pray you make it
Back to the start
Before running out of steam.

Falling even more in love
w/ my boyfriend.
Put money in my jean pocket
Bought me my airport dinner
w/o even being there.
Got me teriyaki and inari
Gin and Tonic on the plane
He told me jokes
When I started to cry.
Shaved off the goatee
As a going away present
We made out last night
No red ring around my mouth
From his prickly face.
Felt like I was cheating
On him
With him...

Turned the laptop back
To the west coast clock.
More tears.

Flights delayed again
My 7:30 departure
Now a 9:10 departure
Thank goodness for the laptop
And downloaded simpsons episodes.

Woman on her cellphone
Thinks it’s funny
A man named “pablo’
Actually able to help her
With her car

Plugs are at a premium
We’ve decided to start a website
Locations of plugs in airports

New reasons
I hate flying alone
Can’t leave my post
To go buy water
After my soy and teriyaki
Drying out my insides.

Love observing people
At their most aggravated.
Get to see what they are really like
When stressed out
Pissed off.

Must end this post.
Or will go on forever
With useless observations
Of people in the airport.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005
a long weekend
After a lovely long weekend at the cottage with my boyfriend, his family and 50 of his mother's closests friends, its time for me to go.
I have packing tonight and a visit with the family before my flight to california tomorrow
No posts until probably thursday... be prepared to meet Little Miss Sad...


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