Friday, December 30, 2005
Year End Round Up
Here Goes Nothing...

I could go on about my crappy year, but instead I've decided that bullet points are the way to go:

Shittiest Things To happen in 2005:
  • Getting rejected to teacher's college in Canada for the second time
  • My Nona's stroke.
  • The way my family has splintered since my Nona's stroke.
  • Dealing with awful administrators in crappy schools.
  • Living in suburbia, even if it is in California.

Best Things To happen in 2005:

  • Getting to teach, even if only as a substitute
  • Spending the summer with TFG and playing house.
  • Seeing the sights of California, and Vegas
  • Getting accepted to teacher's college by 3 different schools in Australia ( I love this country already!)
  • Making great friends on blogger.
  • Yoga
  • Feeling a little more grown up.
  • California = No snow.
  • My birthday blogger surprises!

Best Albums I bought (or copied eep!) in 2005 (but didn't necessarily come out in 2005):

  • Esthero- Wicked Lil' grrls
  • Tristan Prettyman- t w e n t y t h r e e
  • Matt Costa - All his albums/EP's
  • Citizen Cope - Both Albums
  • More Buddha-Bar then I can count.
  • Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams
  • All things K-Os
  • Feist - Let it Die
  • And I'll admit it, Kanye and Black Eyed Peas.

Best Movies I saw in the Theatre:

  • Mad Hot Ballroom
  • The Producers
  • March of the Penguins

Worst Movies I saw in the Theatre:

  • Domino (didn't pay!)
  • Sin City
  • Two for the Money

So there ya go, that's me in 2005.

My 2006 predictions?

  • Try and spend a good six months with TFG without living apart.
  • Explore Australia
  • Get my Masters
  • Grow the hell up.
  • Hopefully drink a little less.
  • Weigh a little less.
  • Read what I want to a little more, not what I have to.
  • Keep doing the whole no-pork no-beef thing.
  • Try and make it out of Australia without eating an exotic animal.

And who could forget my FFFF?

I am a freak about coffee. Must have 4-6 cups a day to function. Just plain old coffee, with milk.

It goes in waves, maybe in cycle with my hormones, because there is one week a month where coffee tastes disgusting and I switch to tea. then the cravings come back and I'm hooked all over again.

Thursday, December 29, 2005
I don't know why, but...

I'm a spazz.

sometimes I freak out over silly silly things, and do the whole "I'll say I'm not upset but I really am" and usually its because deep down I know I'm getting worked up over nothing.

Stress does wierd things to people.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Is this what I have to look forward to?
hopefully not for another 20 years!

We threw a surprise party for my brother today.
First his friends kidnapped him and took him for 2 hours of skating at an indoor park that we reserved (for three hundred smackers... eep!) and while he was gone it we decorated the house.
All the kids came over and got to have panini's with a variety of meats and sat around watching brat pack movies.

Now here is the part of being a parent that I think I will have a hard time with. After we made all the food, we decided it would be best if the "adults" left to let this kids party in peace.

Then the sugar kicked in.
they were running all over the first floor generally being nuts.
Every twenty minutes or so I was sent downstairs to refresh my coffee and make sure nothing was broken and now I'm incredibly caffeinated.

We were lucky though, these kids were house trained and very well behaved, they just broke a couple m&m's on the tile. Nothing spilled on the carpet, no mountain of dishes.

Tomorrow something fantastic is happening, my middle brother is going back to Canada.
I had hoped that maybe this time things would have been better, that we would get along.
We didn't, we did what we usually do and brought the worst out in each other.
Its really sad when someone who you have lived with for almost all your life, someone who has the same blood as you is a person that given the option you would have as little contact as possible with.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005
The only reason that the "InStyle" network hasn't been blocked from my TV?

Brini Maxwell!!! She is the best thing to hit decor and living TV shows.
Her show consists of the cutest tips for cooking and drinking and decor all from the 60's. She comes out in the perfect polyester outfits, and in her Brady family style shows you how to do the simplest things with flair, in segments like "why didn't you think of that?"

The fantastic style of her sets and outfits and the little field trips she takes you on makes the idea of decorating your house while holding a martini in the other hand, lets you feel like a better person then watching Martha with her perfect homemade cakes and such.

Her perfect hair and heels for sitting around the house don't leave you feeling depressed in your scrunchy and sweats, but instead make you glad you don't work that hard.
And to top it off? She's a man baby.

Monday, December 26, 2005
Christmas Roundup
A roundup on a Monday!?! and a FFFF to make up for my lack of on Friday... how gauche of me.

1) Christmas Gifts Galore
Christmas was fun times, on Christmas eve we ran around in shorts and had a water fight because it was 85 degrees out. Christmas day it cooled down to a more seasonal temperature, but no snow.
The gift giving was very nice, with few surprises for me unfortunately.
One nice surprise was a beautiful silver ring with a Buddhist prayer on it that spins.
And of course a lavish jar of face cream from "lush" that TFG got me.
My favorite new sweater is a cropped brown knit number that my mum picked up for me. The buttons are a little left of center, just like me.
2) Family Bonding
Yesterday was the last day my entire family will be together for a very long time.
I thought I was the only one that noticed until my mum broke down crying, I think the excitement of it all is wearing off and just turning into a scary reality for her.
My daddy was in this fantastic bonding mood, and was full of Christmas hugs and much less judgment then usual.

3) Packing...
Hasn't started. I leave on the 16th, and I'm thinking I just want to throw massive amounts of make up, books, and underwear and figure everything else when I get there.
The is that when I leave here, I'm never coming back here to live so my mum expects me to pack up everything I'm not taking into boxes.
Its completely understandable of her, and the best thing I could do, but I just don't do packing very well.
I prefer the more "throw-crap-into-a-bag-and-go" kinda person and that won't fly this time.

4) Travel Blogging
I have NO CLUE what will happen when I get to Oz about blogging, but I do hope to stick with it and stay in touch with everyone.
TFG and I are playing with a bunch of ideas and we will probably start a co-blog with pictures and such of our travels that we will open up to all our real life friends and family.. We will definitely let everyone know where that will be...
If the co-blog doesn't happen, then mailings lists certainly will, and you will all be invited to join it to keep you updated on our travels, if you are so inclined..

My freak flag of the day is hair removal... I'm Italian so i seem to be spending way too much time in the process of hair removal from some part of my body. With TFG not around I can go several weeks being too lazy to shave my legs though, and when I do its usually after I get out of the shower with no shave cream.
And yet I own 4 bottles of it.
I'm a freak, what can I say!

Happy Boxing Day everyone, and if you live in Canada, do yourself a favor and don't leave your house!

Friday, December 23, 2005
A Gift to all of you, the opportunity to ridicule me!
I found this CD in my mum's Christmas collection, a mixed one I had made in high school.

Here are the most embarrassing tracks:
  • Madonna- Santa Baby
  • John Mellencamp- I saw mommy kissing Santa
  • Dido- Christmas Day
  • Faith Hill- Where are you Christmas
  • Savage Garden- Last Christmas
  • N'Sync- Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
  • 98 Degrees- This gift
  • Stevie Nicks- Silent Night
  • Blues Traveler- Christmas
  • Christina Aguilera- Christmas Song

so there ya go everyone, my most embarrassing high school mixed CD.

My family will be enjoying a traditional Christmas of eating on Christmas eve, and opening gifts on Christmas day and then driving out to the beach to hang out and fly kites.

Then come home and watch "The Ref"

Good Times...

So no matter what you celebrate, I hope you get the chance to take this time where all the stores are closed and you don't have to go to work, to spend some time with the ones you love, and try desperately not to kill them.

Thursday, December 22, 2005
No more red dot.

There is a pill coming on the market that will eliminate women's periods completely. Alesse is already on the market, allowing women to get something like 4 periods a year.
Both sides are claiming this to be huge. And it is.
For years women have casually used the pill to skip a period or two when it was inconvenient.

There are compelling arguments for both sides, and if you would like to read an article presenting both, click here.

On the one hand, you would no longer be a slave to the tampon/maxi pad industry which could be a major bonus, but you are just a slave to the drug companies, so its a toss up.

Women's menstrual cycles have been used against them time and time again for excuses why they can't do certain things, like be president or go into combat.
So telling women that if they want to do those things, they would have a much easier time doing it if they just took care of that nasty little problem, is that a great alternative?

If a woman "got rid of" her period, would that quell the mentality that women are unstable and not in control of our emotions?

No matter how many books and articles I read about how fabulous it is to be a woman and to have a cycle and to bleed, the bottom line is that it is a minor inconvenience at best and a debilitating issue at worst.

There is also a massive medical debate over what a period actually does for a woman, aside from staining her cute panties.
What effects could never having a period be?
We don't really know what the effects of being on the pill for 3 weeks a month could be, so now we want to go full tilt and see what happens when we are constantly pumping our bodies with synthetic hormone?

I know I personally wouldn't want to take it, but that's because my period isn't a huge issue for me. I can definitely understand why a woman would want to eliminate it.

So what do you think ladies?
Given the choice would you make your period go away?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005
The war on christmas
I don't get it.
There is a war on Christmas and on christianity (or so I'm told by the media) and maybe because I am not very religious, I don't understand.

Can anyone explain? I sincerely want to know.


Little Miss perplexed

Tuesday, December 20, 2005
My brother is the coolest.
My brother is the coolest, sweetest boy.

He entered a skate video contest, and if he wins he gets $500 or something crazy like that so click here

you will have to register and vote for video 3. If you want to watch it my brother is the one in the ripped up jeans and long brown hair. Later he is the one without a shirt on.

Thanks for the votes guys!!

The exam went. It's done and I get to sit for a month and wait for my grade, to decide if I get to go to Australia.

My Nona is back in the hosptial again. Something about pressure on her brain.

My dog hurt her back. I've never seen a dog actually cry before.

I'm crawling under the covers to hide.

Little Miss Scared

Monday, December 19, 2005
oh Bush...
He has been talking for 10 minutes and has mentioned 9/11 at least 5 times. In great detail.

It makes me sad that there won't be any daily show tonight.

Off to write an exam..

Friday, December 16, 2005
a round up of sorts.
I wasn't about to let today go by with an FFFF!!!

1. Birthdays

Thank you thank you thank you all again for the love, the movies, the posts, the pictures... Made me feel fantastic!! Since my birthday was on a Thursday we haven't really celebrated. I did get flowers from TFG's sister, so surprised and happy!!

2.Teaching PE

I taught PE today and survived. My last day of substitute teaching... Kinda sad.

3. You had to figure...

Since it isn't my birthday without something bad happening, my maternal grandmother had yet another stroke. It may seem callous for me to write it in a roundup, just can't deal with it any other way.

4. People without blogs should fuck off.

Just sayin. It's easy to judge when you never put yourself out there.

5.Freak Flag Friday

People who show up late routinely and blame it on traffic or something stupid PISS ME OFF. I managed to get to the agreed upon meeting place on time, and in the case of the people I'm meeting, it's not like they have kids.
The other piss off in the same vein, people who can't tell you when they will be home when you are trying to make plans with. If I'm trying to make dinner for someone and they are going out and can't even give a ROUGH estimate of when they will get home it drives me insane.

6. Celebrity Autobiography "In their own words"

On Bravo. Comedians reading celeb autobiographies.. HILARIOUS.

Have yourself a whorey little Christmas
thanks to everyone and their fabulous comments, you all know how to make a girl feel special. while my blog day was exciting and fun my day was incredibly regular. Including a high school concert choral concert...

Tonight I suffered through the holiday choral concert at my brothers school. That shit is the best birth control ever.
If kids means high school plays and concerts, it ain't happenin!

The worst part was honestly the solos. And the gospel singing. What on earth possesses the white middle class schools in the suburbs to insist on singing medleys from "sister act II" and call it gospel?!?!?

First up on the list of horrors was "Rocking around the Christmas Tree" sung by a girl who studied in the Christina Aguilera school of singing.. Tons of warbling and no power.

Why is it that all the girls that sang solo's seemed to have spent more time on posing and less on the actual singing?!?!

Then of course they had to bring out the one Mexican kid to sing "feliz navidad" but he couldn't just sing in Spanish he had to sing with sombrero and poncho on.

Now this is where things got especially whorey. A 16 year old girl walked out in a jean miniskirt and high heels to sing "Santa baby". She pranced around the stage tickling under the old men's chins and to top it off she perched off the end of the stage and performed her audition for the remake of "basic instinct".

Now my mother and I had not been drinking but you would think so considering we were the only ones laughing our asses off for the whole thing. My mother made that mistake one year when she laughed uncontrollably during a solo performance of John Denver's "Country Roads"

with the girls mother right next to her.

I'm hoping the Christmas concert season is over.


Thursday, December 15, 2005
Knitty it's your Birthday, Happy Birthday Knitty..
Today I am 23..

I've been thinking about ways I feel older compared to when I was, I dunno 18 and it's all based on the departments at the Target.

At 18 I went for the sheets with pretty things on it. Now I look for the ones with high thread count, often not available at target.

At 18 the funky and fun plates meant nothing. Now I want to have them in my house.

I want a house.

I look at fancy spread and antipasto's and want to throw dinner parties..

I hate beer, love martini's.

LOVE Gin and tonics...

so another year down, another birthday spent away from my friends and the man I love. The most joy I will have today is opening a couple presents, most of which I know about already since my mother can't keep a secret to save her life.

Make me feel loved and bring those comments over 100... That would be the best birthday present ever.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Oh Moby
*I write my first exam today, at 11am pacific time... I'm walking in with a 92% in the course so I'm feeling pretty confident... Enjoy a blogger of a different sort!*

I know I'm not smart to understand the awesomeness of your music, but this little blog post you wrote warmed my little feminist heart..

i'd like to write about misogyny. a few years ago when the prodigy released 'smack my bitch up' i spoke up and criticised the song for being overtly misogynystic and irresponsible. i was in turn criticised on radio for 'being too uptight' and not being relaxed enough to appreciate the 'humor' in misogyny.

then 5 years ago i spoke up about the pernicious and pervasive spread of misogyny in popular culture, and again i was crticised for making a big issue out of something that no one else seemed to care about.

i respect the prodigy and i respect eminem as talented and relevant musicians, but i spoke up because i found the misogynystic content of their lyrics(among many others) to be deeply offensive. even if they themselves are not misogynysts
i found it irresponsible that they, and many others, would release music that glamourized misogyny.

2 months after 'smack my bitch up' was released i went to visit a friend of mine who was in hospital after being beaten by her boyfriend. she had brain damage and multiple fractures due to his pushing her down a flight of concrete stairs.
misogyny is not funny. it is not a joke. and it should not be treated lightly.

and now we find out that a british man who is obsessed with eminem killed a woman with a metal baseball bat and stuffed her body into a suitcase.
am i being 'too uptight' for not seeing the humor in this?
should i 'relax' and see the comedy in a misogynyst beating a woman to death?

before this british man brutally killed this woman he was singing eminem songs in a karaoke bar. maybe there's no connection. maybe there is. it's disgusting that we even have to ask that question.

it's disgusting that people in the media and the press have celebrated and glamorized music and musicians who write lyrics that glorify misogyny and homophobia. there is nothing glamorous about homophobia and misogyny. homophobia and misogyny are disgusting and vile and represent the worst and most atavistic elements of the human spirit.

i asked a rhetorical question a few years ago, which was: 'if a musician made a record wherein he talked about killing blacks and jews would he get covered in the press and played on radio and mtv? if the answer is 'no'(as it should be), then why is radio and mtv filled with music that has lyrics about killing and brutalizing women and gays? is it somehow less offensive when women and gays are brutalized and killed?'

any employee of a record company or journalist or radio programmer or mtv employee who has promoted and celebrated misogynystic or homophobic music should be ashamed.

you have blood on your hands, and you should be deeply, deeply troubled at the culture that you've helped to create.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005
I guess Clemency is for GirlyMen.
I would like to think I could sweep this under the rug of "thats-what-we-get-for-electing-a-guvernator" but its not true. That would be easy though wouldn't it? I mean Arnold did make movies (excluding kindergarten cop) that were filled with death, blood and gore. It's kinda frightening that he is the one that gets to decide if a man lives or dies, this man that has built an empire off of depicting the same violence on film.

But it's not that simple, and a lot more people then just the governor want him dead.

A lot of them are the same people that stood outside terry shiavo's hospital room demanding she be kept on the feeding tube.

A lot of them are the same people that picket abortion clinics.

I don't understand this mentality of being able to judge one life over another. I've never felt that powerful or that sure of anything.

I don't know what gives people this sense of entitlement, this feeling that they know whose life is more valuable then whose.

And I don't want to know.

All I know is 4 people died.
And now a 5th will too.

Monday, December 12, 2005
yea soo....
I got nothin, I'm knee deep in computer science notes, I have an exam on the 14th, so wohoo for me.

On a lighter note, I'm afraid that when I finally do see TFG I will have this insane urge to scratch under his chin and behind his ears. Since the only touching I've been doing is to my dogs.

Also My birthday is on the 15th, and yes, having a December birthday chomps.
I have all the December birthdays beat though, cause not only do I share my day with Jesus (since lets face it he just takes the whole month) but my brother was born on my 5th birthday..

I was thinking about doing a whole huge post about the 2 year anniversary of my grandmothers death which is on the 14th (starting to see why I'm not a big fan of birthdays???!?!) but instead I will just state it plainly now.

2 years ago this week my grandmother died from pulmonary fibrosis that she had been battling for over a year in her own little way (read: drinking a 1.5L bottle of wine per day). On the evening of the 14th she died and we had to fight my grandfather to have a funeral for her.
There were no eulogies, no one spoke about her, I think that the pastor talked about The Lord of the Rings and how no amount of special effects could amount to the beauty of heaven.
Few people cried.
Few people showed
Few people knew about it.

They wrote a half inch blurb about her death in the paper, and messed it up, she has 11 grandchildren not 10.
To this day I still wonder which one they forgot.

Her ashes still sit in an oak box at the funeral home, because they can only be released to my grandfather and he refuses to pick them up, guess he isn't sure if they need a seat belt.

I could go on and on about my relationship with my grandmother but that would be depressing. She was an alcoholic, and there is nothing worse then losing a relative and not really being sad she is gone. Thank goodness I was in therapy at the time because I would have landed in it anyway. In the last year of her life, she knew something was wrong and that she was dying. I met her for lunch and refused to bring TFG, didn't want him to suffer.
She was oddly kind. Sweet.
She was actually interested in what was going on in MY life.
She was the grandmother I had always wanted. For one afternoon.
That was the last time I talked to her, and I think she set it up that way.

I visited her in the hospital, watched her wake up and gag on the tube that breathed for her.
I was relieved when she died, since I wouldn't have to see her like that again.

So yea, birthdays for me are peachy.

Friday, December 09, 2005
A double post kinda day
Since a few bloggers out there are feeling a little grr, how about an audio post?

If you don't know from "undergrads" then I feel very sorry for you...

this is an audio post - click to play

Double post so scroll bitches!!!

So it's time for another roundup and a "Let Your Freak Flag Fly Friday" post... feel free to throw you freak flag down on in my comments or transport it back to your blog...

1) Little ones.

I taught kindergarten this week. It was an experience let me tell you. The children had their adorable moments, but I can only take so many story time interruptions for anecdotes about barbie dolls.
We were doing a unit on Hanukkah, so we read stories and made construction paper menorahs.
We had a parent helper today, a very nice Muslim mother and she helped with the art menorah project and helped teach the students the "bring the pig home from market" poem. I didn't expect her to freak out and say these were unacceptable and she was very helpful. We sat together while the kiddies had PE and we talked about how she thinks its great that her kids get this multicultural experience in school and learn about what else is out there. she also talked about how the kids in their pure and loving hearts had never noticed that she was Muslim or judged her for it. Their parents would see their children hug her on their way out and gawk, never speaking to her, until a few months into school when the children would introduce her.

That's what we need to bridge the cultural gap, children with hugs.

2) In September I blogged about this freak woman and she is unfortunately back in the news. She claims she has proof that her daughter didn't die from AIDS related pneumonia. Another article about her that was aired last night on ABC can be found here . She hired a toxicologist (who isn't actually a doctor or licensed) to review the report, not her body, and he claims she died from anti-biotic poisoning, even though he never read her tox-screen.

3) My mother received a call from some evangelical group that wanted to "clean up TV" and she got pissed off. She let them know that television is service that you can choose not to pay for. Well apparently my mother didn't dissuade them and they continued their fight. They decided that "unbundling" the channels and giving everyone a choice of which channels they could pick would be the answer. Fantastic they thought, because then the networks would lose money and be forced to clean up their programming.
Now I don't know about you, but I watch about 17 channels and I get 73 into my television (not including the movie networks and extended cable on my parents television and the living room television). I don't watch the purple haired lady on the evangelical network and I don't watch the 20 Spanish language channels.

Apparently a lot of people are like me, and said that they would be more then happy to watch the channels get "unbundled" because the first thing they would do is cancel the evangelical ones. Of course the religious groups freaked out, because the point of their networks is to convert those that wouldn't go to church and without that channel being forced upon them, the chances of them staying on it for more than 2 seconds one drunken night is greatly reduced.

So now the evangelicals and the smut peddlers like "FX" are coming together in an attempt to maintain our equal right to be disgusted by purple-haired-tarantula-eye-lashes-woman and by a surgery on "Nip/Tuck" in the same 5 minute span.

Lets round it off with my FFFF shall we?

I can't handle open draws or cupboards. If I walk into a room and any are open I automatically close them, doesn't matter whose house. TFG's old apartment had awful drawers in the kitchen that couldn't stay closed. Drove me insane. Not to mention his love of driving me nuts by leaving them slightly ajar.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005
when things get out of hand in my head I do one of two things,
get a pedicure.

Today I did both.

It doesn't matter that things are getting crazy and I'm stressed.
Cause I have pretty toes.

Monday, December 05, 2005
Reasons why I hate teaching PE
  • The boys wear AXE body spray. A lot of it.
  • 45 children
  • open space for children to roam... and run away
  • children running into each other
  • chidren hurting each other
  • AXE body spray
  • watching the insanity of the girls change room
  • having to yell at students
  • yell loudly
  • hurting my poor voice!
  • whipping wind, strong wind against my face
  • my lips are chapped
  • fucking axe body spray
  • watching kids play stupid games
  • kids expecting me to care if other kids cheat
  • having to deal with head injuries

Things I like about Teaching PE:

  • I get to wear a whistle
  • I get to blow said whistle
  • I get to come to work in yoga clothes.

Saturday, December 03, 2005
I Can't Believe I'm Listening to Madonna.
I've found my movie montage song.
It was given to me by Amazing Anon and I have to give her a big thanks for it.

I think everyone needs a montage song for when they are feeling overwhelmed and need to get pumped. A montage song lets helps you look ahead at what you have to do with power and strength, cause hey, things are so easy when you have a montage to get you through!!

When I listen to this song I dance around my house all spastic to get some blood to my extremities, which are falling off from sitting at my computer for too long.

The song is off the new Madonna Album, the first Madonna song I have listened to by choice since I sang along to my CASETTE of her best of album in the early 90's.

So there ya go, when I'm feeling down or depressed or scared, I pump out "Jump" on my iPod and rock it out, dancing like no one is home.

Now if only my parents would stop looking at me all funny when I dance I would be set.

So if you have a montage song, what is it? and if not, get yourself one...

Now! Go!

PS. any of you that read my earlier and now deleted post, this just further proves my manic panic nature.

Friday, December 02, 2005
Let your Freak Flag Fly Friday
Yea its that time again.

For a blog roundup!!!!

1) Assignments.

Well I wrote a beautiful 30 page systems analysis. The exams are booked (the 14th and the 20th) and its just gonna be gravy from there. I'm putting off the other paper until after the exams, since its worth 20% and the exam is worth 55% (what kinda bullshit is that eh?)

2) Aussie Excitement.
I've been put on some mailing list, and all the other students are emailing each other about how excited they are about going, and about how great it is that we all decided to do something different. I'm starting to come around to their way of thinking, since its better then my "I was to stupid to get into a Canadian school" way of thinking. I still can't look at my countdown (on the left side of my blog) without wanting to throw up.

3) The interview
Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who read and commented about the interview, I was really surprised by the response. Pleasantly surprised.

4) Bias in the media
Nick, Anthony and I were discussing the idea of "left-wing reporting" from CNN. I mentioned their coverage of the recent no-confidence vote in Canada as not so left-wing and my more politically/media savvy better half did a great dissection of their coverage, Check it out

5) Sad Saturday
It came to my attention a few weeks ago that a lot of you don't know I have 2 brothers. Well I do, one is 17 and one is 20. My 20 year old brother is at school in Canada and this Saturday he is going to a funeral for an acquaintance (and very good friend of his best friend). This young man (20-22) was shot outside a club in Montreal. I can't begin to imagine what they are all going through. This senseless death has affected many of my friends and family in Toronto and as some of them read my blog, I want them to know my thoughts are with them.

6) Let your Freak Flag Fly Friday

In an attempt to make myself seem more normal by comparison to all of you people, and to start a Friday tradition with the most F's possible I am starting "Let your Freak Flag Fly".
I first heard this phrase on Weeds, and fell in love with it. Your freak flag admission doesn't need to be some huge deep dark secret about yourself, just a couple sentences on a quirky little thing that you do.

My freak flag of the week: I cannot get into a bed unless it is made, with all the sheets and blankets evenly on the bed. It doesn't matter if I never made the bed all day (which happens consistently), so long as it is made right before I get in.

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